Lifting & replacing carpet

12 May 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi every1

I've just moved in to a new rented flat and I need to run cable (just co ax) from the living room in to the 2 bedrooms for tv.

The landlord has given permission for me to tack the cable along the skirting board but where it goes in to the bedrooms I need to run it under the carpert and carpet door bar.

What's the best way to lift the carpet and replace it with out any damage being done to the carpet? and how do I lift the carpet-to-carpet door bar? I can't get any grip with my hands and when I tried to grip it with pliers and lift it, I just ended up with a chunk of carpet fabric on the end of the pliers!!!! (Not something I'll be repeating!)

The carpet has been pulled tense over the gripper rods I think. How do I take the tension off to lift the carpet without ripping the carpet backing? and whats the best way to pull them tense agin when I fit them back on to the grippers?
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