Lighting Circuit not working - not circuit breaker

28 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom

Last night the downstairs lights all went out, I checked the Circuit Breaker (Fuse), that was ok (the outside light worked when I after I broke the circuit then reset the switch)

My question is could this be a loose connection at a rose?

I replaced the roses on the two lights in the hall about two years ago, the only other thing which has happened is if a halogen spot lamp fails then the breaker operates.

I hope to be able to check them this evening if I can get off work early enough

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hi there
first do any of the lights down stairs work and if only the outside light works that may be the first light of the circuit. but wires do come loose and on some occasions break near the terminal block so if you check all lights down stairs for loose and broken wires you should be able to find the problem.:cool:
Hi the only light that works downstairs is the outside light, so I will work my way around the roses and check the cables are connected.
If one of the supply cables has come loose at a rose will that stop all lights on that circuit from working, as I understand it the lighting circuit is like a "ring main" going from one rose to the next.
If the problem is not a loose connection then I will have to get a sparks in to sort it, I don't have any test equipment.
your right if one wires is not connecting properly it will effect the rest. and I hope you find the problem with out calling anyone out. :) just before you take any wires out try to write down how it was wired so you do not have more problems after.
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I would start at the outside light itself. Terminals in outside electrics are much more likely to suffer from corrosion than those indoors. Power might be getting to the light but no further. Remember to check the neutral side too.
It is unusual to wire lights in a complete 'ring', but they are usually 'daisy chained' , running away from the CU.

Any fault is likely to be in either the last working fitting, or the first non-working fitting in the chain.

:eek: If the neutral is broken anywhere, all the wiring may be live, even the 'neutral' wires 'downstream' of the break :eek:
Thanks Guys.

As predicted a loose wire in one of the Roses in the hall. It was the one directly inside the front door so must be the next one in line after the Outside light.

Another happy punter, saved a lot of money and saved some time too

Thanks again

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