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Lintel/moisture content wood

Discussion in 'Building' started by Dylan123, 18 Oct 2021.

  1. Dylan123


    11 Nov 2019
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    United Kingdom

    just putting doors on this opening. It’s an old coal bunker.


    Inside are the joists under my kitchen. I checked them all using a wood probe and they are registering about 17% on the pine setting. This isn’t too concerning given interior ones are 13%.

    however, one bit of wood in there is really high, like 35-50% moisture.

    this one, by the opening underneath the wall


    I felt above this and it’s brick/concrete above.

    So, forgive my ignorance on this, but is this bit of wood a lintel? Or is that the concrete bit above it? It kind of juts out a bit and one of my friends (builder) I think said that was the lintel. I just want to check this very damp bit of wood isn’t structural and liable to break and bring my wall with it!

    it’s a 2 by 4 laid on its side (ie 2 inches high, 4 inches width ways). The joists are 2 by 4 laid the Normal way.

    not sure what this is supporting or whether it was there to nail the hatch frame into.

    Once I can establish what this is, if I get it all properly enclosed will wood lose its moisture content? Can it dry out once it’s no longer exposed (I have a sheet to cover the opening but it’s not particularly efficient)

    lastly there are a few holes in the render above - perhaps water is going down the wall and making the wood damp?

    thanks for your help. All of it seems solid, I can get a screwdriver in a little bit to all of them but not totally rotted, seem reasonable Nick just want to ensure I don’t end up needing new joists - advice appreciated.
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