Listen to tv from workshop to garden

12 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
looked up plug in mini speakers not what it used to be
the set up modern smart tv not connected to internet [out off range ]
need the sound to suplement not replace the tv sound tranfered to speaker about 5m away in the garden internal quality speakers fine as protected 'they need not be loud just a similar volume to the tv on low volume
i expect to have to use something like a standard 3.5mm ear jack full way but part wireless would be good
no mains easilly available but usb up to 2.5ah easilly supplied via powertool battery
dont want to use headphone at all but open to include in options for future consideration
only ever watch freeview content via recorder box
havent thought off cost but any reasonable say 20-£80 iff possible but any price will be considered if thats what the flexibility i want costs
any ideas greatly appreciated
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I have the radio/speaker below:

It can transfer over 30 metres away, could you connect it to your tv and have the sound in the shed?

thanks will look at ryobi[same company tti industries] dewalt and bosch as the battery systems i have (y)
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Yes. If it has bluetooth then you can connect any bluetooth standalone speaker that suits your budget. That would be the simplest solution.
just looked at the page saying features and blue tooth not mentioned
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That's a fairly low- spec telly you have there. Looks like no Bluetooth (so that Milwaukee speaker won't work), no TOSlink (so forget buying a soundbar), no aux outputs (so even if you had a hifi system you couldn't connect it).
There are Bluetooth transmitters (and RF transmitters) that you can plug into the headphone socket but that'll switch off the local speakers and (with the Bluetooth) there's a few milliseconds delay which sounds horrible if you can hear the 'live' sound as well as the Bluetooth sound.
Easiest option would be a baby alarm but audio quality will be poor.
Yes. If it has bluetooth then you can connect any bluetooth standalone speaker that suits your budget. That would be the simplest solution.
You have said, exactly what i was thinking. If you can hear tv & speaker at the same time there may well be a delay from the bluetooth.
i wanted a no speck tv but they dont do "basic " any more
the time delay should be ok thinking now about a baby alarm near the tv speaker iff all else fails
i can hear the tv fine as it is but being 69 although my hearing to me is normal i suspect the volume will gradually get louder unknown to me
the neighbours say the noise is fine but eventually i suspect the happyness will turn to annoyance as the sound creeps up
any more ideas please share :giggle:
It says headphone connection but not size but I assume its the actual connection you are looking for
ahhh right bluetooth is just a localised brodcast signal or have i got that wrong ??

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