Logic of Trade Suppliers .

15 Jun 2012
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United Kingdom
Living and working on the Isle of Wight we are somewhat limited with Trade Suppliers, so I have a "Trade Point" Account with our local B & Q , this can be handy picking up items after other suppliers have closed evenings and weekends.

They also advertised that orders over £50 would be delivered free, Trade Point have now changed this policy if one contacts the Local Tradepoint direct , orders over £250 delivery are free,

anything under that is liable to a £20 delivery charge

but if one contacts Tradepoint main telephone number Orders over £40 will be delivered free of charge by the next day,
The Tradepoint main Depot is in Southampton, which means the items have to come over on the Ferry loaded onto a lorry and delivered free, yet there would be a charge if it is brought from the local store put on a local lorry and transported a couple of miles.

Other than making the Local Driver and mate redundant, I cannot see the logic in this policy, maybe someone could help me see what the thinking of "Men in grey suits" is regarding this Delivery scenario
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Never underestimate how much large corporations loose because something looks like a saving if you are only focusing on a paricular budget.

A large firm with fingers in many pies has a vehicle workshop, mainly looking after their own fleet, but doing some outside work as well. A chap who works in a small satellite office 2 and a half hours drive away from head office (and not normally needing to travelling or, or anywhere near HO) requires new tyres on his company vehicle. The powers that be decide that he should take it to the fleet department at head office, rather than taking it to a local fast fit place, because it works out a little bit cheaper to keep it in house. The extra 5 hours of time take is not factored in at all, that just ends up absorbed into the general costs of the current project at the time, its cost more but a completely different budget so someone goes away happy that they have reduced fleet costs!
I see your point, but the main depot in Southampton must still transport goods ( to stock up B & Q ) and the Local Trade point in B & Q so tradesmen can pop in and pick up items,

If goods are transported direct from main depot Southampton , to the tradesman it is free delivery,

deliver to local store and tradesman orders it from there, it incurs a delivery charge,
Maybe the thinking is that the Mainland Drivers and their mates need a free trip on the Ferry and a day out on a Holiday Island ?
If you ring up B&Q Southampton and point out their stupidity, they'll implement a policy of "no free deliveries to the isle of wight", so maybe best to keep quiet..
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If you ring up B&Q Southampton and point out their stupidity, they'll implement a policy of "no free deliveries to the isle of wight", so maybe best to keep quiet..
But they still have to deliver to the Isle of Wight Superstore, its basically down to getting rid of staff (local Delivery Drivers) .

Latest Problem is that to comply with their latest Catalogue instructions, order by telephone or on line the system will not allow a Tradesman to place the order on their Trade Account ( using Trade Account Card)

To order goods on Trade Account one has to go into a store and order from there.