Looking to redirect and split a pipe

10 Nov 2012
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United Kingdom
Hey folks,

New to the website... I have a project I'm looking for guidance on. I would think that what I'm looking to accomplish is fairly easy, but for somebody such as myself who has very limited plumbing experience, I thought I'd consult with the pros.

There is a water pipe in my garage with a faucet attached to it. All I want to do is :

1) Remove that faucet
2) Put a 90 degree elbow at the end
3) Run a pipe 5'4" down (towards the other end) (preferably a bigger pipe than what's already there as I wish to install 2 faucets at the new location
4) Install like a Y adapter/connector so that I can attach 2 faucets side by side.

I've included a link (with images) to better illustrate my point. In my images, you'll see a red line and a red circle. The red line represents where I'd like to run the extended pipe and the red circle is where the faucets would be. It's just a crude illustration, but you should get the point.


Almost forgot...I've never used a welder, and was thinking about using one of those "quick connect" couplers to connect the old pipe to the new piping. Any thoughts on those products???

Lil' help?
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