Lots of painting to to do,reassurance and advice needed

26 May 2013
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United Kingdom

I am busy decorating my hall, stairs and landing and have lots of painting to do, including paneling.

The skirting, door frames and handrail have all previously been glossed, the doors are painted with white satinwood.

I have been lurking on here and have read all the issues regarding yellowing of white paint, especially dulux gloss.

I have decided I would like to stay clear of gloss and use a satin. After much deliberation I have picked up crown undercoat and primer(W/B) and Antique Cream ( W//B)
I have sanded down my existing gloss but there is layers of the damn stuff.
Do I need to get it all off or will I be ok just ensuring there are no loose flakes left before using the primer/ undercoat( it is an all in one)?
Can I then just wash it all down with plain water or should I use sugar soap?

I don't want my paint peeling off.

My panels are Easi Panels and it says they don't need priming or undercoat but I suspect they will be rather thirsty so planned to use the crown primer/ undercoat on these too before painting the antique cream.
Would this be ok and worth doing?

I have another question as my parents and I disagree on one thing so any opinions would be gratefully received.
Is is best to paint the skirting, door frames , stair handrail
and doors white, then the panels (3ft) the antique cream or do you think the cream would look better on everything?
Or any other combo for that matter eg rad and doors white, rest cream.......

This is my first big decorating job in this house and I don't have that much confidence so any help and or advice would be fab
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Just sand the shine off the woodwork then dust off, use sugar soap where any heavy grease and grime is.

Do you have a link or more info on the panels you have?

As for colour choices that is completely down to personal preference.

If you have chosen crown satin then I would also consider using floetrol in it as the crown satin does dry very quick.
Hi Pigeon thank for your reply

Here is a link to the panels
They wouldn't have been my first choice but I have a cat who likes to strip wallpaper. The walls aren't good enough to paint, she hasn't shown any interest in the wood around the house including the panel doors so decided to go down this route with Rasch wallpaper above.

What is the stuff you recommend for the paint, where can I get it and how do I use it?
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Do you know what the surface material is on the panels?

I suspect it would need a melamine primer first. Like you would on kitchen cupboards that sort of thing.
It's primed MDF and the manufacturer says not priming required.

I have got three door frames left to sand down and I have run out of 180 sandpaper for my little mouse, I only have 120 left so I am going to call it a day now then pop out in the morning for some more 180 to do the last little bit of sanding. Typical.

Do any regular DIY places stock floetrol, just thinking we have a crown decorating centre about ten miles away, it may be worth me seeing if they stock it. Sounds like good stuff but would I just need it in the top coat?

Thanks very much for your help

Oh just seen ESP on the link, do you reckon it is too late to use this now I have just about finished sanding or do you think it would be a good insurance policy?

Getting excited now
I don't believe DIY stores stock it but the decorator centres will.

I would say to use it with the undercoat as well especially if you have panelled doors, little tip paint the panels first wiping any paint you get on the outsides away as you go.

For the primed mdf only an undercoat is required.
Thank you pigeon, it seems a massive job and I go though moments of asking myself what the heck I am doing, but it is a job that neded doing
Not a problem and hope it all goes well. Just one more thing, if you do make a mistake while doing the satin work i.e miss a bit then wait for it to dry then touch it up.

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