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3 Jan 2007
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United Kingdom
I have Windows ME and mainly using computer for internet and kids educational games. Have 18.6GB hard drive space but with only 350Mb free. System is running fine for our needs, but need space for new games.
Always turn the computer off each day, and due to odd lock-up, it probably runs scan disk about once a week and shows no errors.

Have deleted Temp folder contents, recycle bin contents,Temp internet files/cookies and old unwanted games/programs.
However, when I delete 10mb I only seem to gain 5mb free space. Yesterday deleted a huge game folder of 391mb, but only gained 20mb !

Tried to do a defragment yesterday and after 18 hours it showed 0% complete (admit have never done one before! :oops: ),so stopped it to get advice. Lights on processor only flash periodically. Should I just leave it running, for how long ? :confused:

Any suggestions on how I can regain free space ?

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Windows ME

Boot into safe mode and run defrag from their.

Disable your screen saver also.

When removing programs try and use the add/remove programs feature.

Let us know how you get on.
The basic principle of defragging is that the system collects all the fragmented bits of a file into one place and puts them together, so it needs enough space to store the largest file whilst it gets all the bits into one place. If you only have 350MB of free space and any single games file or folder is larger than the amount of free space available, you cannot defrag.

The only real way to cure your problems would be to get a second HD, either as a slave or as an external USB HD and transfer a lot of your games to it.
That way you could defrag your original drive and speed up it's operations a bit. And it would also stop it needing the scan disk to be run.

Either Google for USB Ext Hard Drive or keep an eye on Aldi because they frequently have some decents Medion ones in stock.

Also, as Windows Defrag is not very efficient, to say the least, try Diskeeper Lite. It is free and much better than Windows:
Can I just say that if the PC is running WinME, this means it must be about 7-8years old and must be running slow compared to todays standards. Also the hardware, including the HD could fail, losing all data, unless you have backups.

Its about time you upgraded. ;)

Have a look at Dell for a cheap PC. They will generally come with a 60+GB HD where you will have no data storage issues.

Sorry to break it to you dude!

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Have a look at Dell for a cheap PC. They will generally come with a 60+GB HD where you will have no data storage issues.


I would be looking at a larger drive than that .. IMHO a couple 0f 320 gig satas will be a bit nearer the mark especially when some files may be almost a gig in size ( movies etc )