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19 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
We have recently refitted our bathroom but seem to have fitted a bath tap with a higher pressure requirement than we have - the hot water is very slow coming out and once you mix in some cold it goes completely cold. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a low pressure wall mounted mixer or shower/mixer tap. I keep seeing terms like "although this tap is suitable for low pressure systems, we recommend a minimum 0.5bar" on the descriptions but don't want to make another mistake.
There is a shower mounted over the bath and there is no problem with this. This was already in and we have just moved it. The cold water feed for this is from a cold water tank in the loft, whereas the bath is fed off the mains supply. Would we be better re-routing the cold water from the tank to the bath as well to equalise the pressure going into the mixer, or would this take even longer to fill the bath :?: It is a big bath (900*1900)

Finally, the hot water was originally on a 22mm pipe, but the mixer tap only took a 15mm connection, so we converted it. Is it possible to connect the 22mm pipe to a mixer :?: Presumably this was why we didn't have a problem with the pressure on the old bath :?:

Another finally :!: Would a booster pump be the answer :?:

Any advice will be gratefully received - we worked so hard over easter :!:
Many thanks
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It seems that you have two problems!

Firstly you have a mains cold water and a cistern fed hot. That will never work if you want to mix cold with the hot.

Secondly, you have bought a tap which, like most imports ( 99% of the market ), is designed for mains pressure use.

You could probably get a shower pump on the hot only to kind of work. But you would still have to turn on the hot tap first before the cold.

Or you could pipe the cold from the cistern but the flow rate will still be poor although that does not matter much unless you take a lot of cold baths.

Or you could fit a pressure reducing valve on the mains cold.

The best solution would be to pipe the cold from the cistern AND add a twin impeller shower pump so that you have equal pumped pressure.

Tony Glazier
Thanks for the response.
If its the tap that is the problem, could I just change the tap, or will I get the same problem with any tap?
The taps are incompatible with your hot water system....! :(

Changing then tap is by far the easiest option, wouldn't you agree Mr Agile....? :D
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I am thinking that changing the tap is the best option - but want to be sure I buy the right thing this time.
The taps need to be wall mounted - other than that I am open to options. Can anyone recommend a brand or tell me what to look for?
Go to the shop-u-like, explain to the assistant that you must have taps that are for 'Gravity Fed' systems, they should then show you all the different models in their showroom and catalogues that are specifically made for the UK market. :D

There are soooooooooo many it would be impossible for anyone to advise which are right for you, you can choose the compatible taps that you like the look/feel/usage/etc of.............. :D
Thanks for that - I have phoned our local plumbers merchant but he seemed to get a little confused but suggested i pick up a brochure. I also emailed one of the online shops who advertised mixer taps which work on a minimum of 0.1 bar pressure and got the following response -

"The only way a tap would work in this situation is if the pressures of the water are stabilized so that they are the same or similar. This can be done by using a pressure reducing valve on the cold, or by adding a pump to the hot water"

I can't see why I would need a pump when there was nothing wrong with the pressure before, but it was coming through a 22mm pipe. Is the change in pipe diametre the reason or the fact that its a mixer tap. If I feed the cold water from the pipe that feed the shower, I assume they will be a similar pressure as the tanks are at the same hieght?

Sorry but I am confused now. Should I

a) change the cold water feed to the tank fed cold water pipe
b) find a mixer with a 22mm hot water inlet and a 15mm cold water inlet
c) just change the tap to a 15mm hot and cold but designed for gravity fed systems?

Please help!
Sorry Andrea

Was the flow exactly how you wanted it before you changed the taps and reduced the pipe size......? :D

If yes get new taps......

Try not elaborating with the salesmen too much as their answers will confuse the issue.

Much better to talk with them face to face, when your not too conversant on the subject (as most of them aren't !) especially if you have your old taps in your hand.

Please look again at my last post, the only thing you have to mention to these people are those that I've highlighted.

Taps Required For Gravity Fed System

I really hope this helps. :D

ps.....I'm not ageist, but if you ask someone a little older you may have a chance that they understand your predicament. :D
Yes - the pressure was fine in the old bath with the 2 sinlge taps and the 22mm hot pipe.
I am going to look for a mixer with a 22mm hot water feed.

Thanks very much for your help - I will never take taps for granted again!
It seems that you have not read or perhaps not understood my posting above.

Merely changing the taps will NOT solve ALL your problems!


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