no cold water from mixer tap in bathroom - dual mixer tap

12 Apr 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all.
We have had low water pressure in the kitchen sink and bathroom sink ; the water pressure seems OK in the kitchen now, but we have no cold water from the bathroom mixer tap- water to bath taps/shower/toilets etc is fine.
I have been into the loft and the cold water storage tank seems fine.
It is full and the stop cock is at the right level; cannot see a problem there.
Why would we be getting hot water from one side of the mixer tap, but no cold water ? Something to do with the tap fittings or something else ?
Help !
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Kitchen tap would be mains. You seem to be saying that basin in bathroom is feed from CW tank.

Is there a plastic mesh at the end of the spout. Remove this and clean as necessary.

If this does not work turn off cold water supply from CWT. Remove cross handle, lever or head of tap then unscrew the body of the tap and see if there is any debris blocking it. Slightly open the cold feed from the tank (with the bath tap opened to reduce pressure/flow to basin) and see if water is reaching tap at all. Have towells handy. If you have an isolating valve fitted under the basin you can use this instead but harder to control flow.

If you dont get water at tap next thing to look at is if you have a ball type isolating valve. These have a very small opening through them which can be blocked by debris.

Let us know what the result is.
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Thanks; I am going to do this tomorrow- has been hectic past few days - kids at home for Easter, house up for sale and loads of viewings..... tomorrow we are doing `jobs`, so this is at the top of the list. Thanks for the advice. I will let you know the outcome,

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