Marine ply for soffits???

24 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
Several years ago a local joiner replaced the fascias on our house. He used marine ply and did a very good job, they have stood up well and are still near perfect. The soffits didnt get done at the time, its a long story but Network Rail have cables attached to them which they wouldnt remove. However, they have finally agreed to remove them so I want to do the soffits now.

The soffits are original and are softwood. They are still in reasonable condition but rather than remove them I was intending to attach marine ply over them. When the joiner did the fascia he fixed them with about a 10mm overhang so they protrude down past the soffits by 10mm so 6mm ply would retain that overhang a little.

My query is, will marine ply that is only 6mm thick stand up outside? I would prime and paint them but as its quite thin I wanted to be sure they wouldnt start delaminating in a year or so.

Thanks in advance.
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