Marley Tiles and DPM

13 Sep 2020
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United Kingdom
we're on the last leg of decorating our lounge and lifted the old laminate to find marley tiles underneath. We were just going to leave them and put carpet over the top but lots started lifting a couple of days later.
Having had issues in our kitchen, weve removed tiles and applied wickes liquid dpm to the floor and were planning on putting self levelling compound on the top but the dpm is so tacky after two days that you cant walk on it.
Any ideas hive mind? Help!!
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is this a concrete ground floor?

were the marleytiles stuck down with a yellowish adhesive, or a black, bitumous coating?

It sounds like a solvent in your new coating has reacted with it.

I think the Wickes coating is an own-brand copy of Synthaprufe. I've had no trouble with that but I've heard of it staying tacky. you could brush cement powder over it but give it as long as you can to dry. Lots of ventilation.

btw a damp solid floor in a kitchen is often associated with a buried water pipe or a sink leak. A living room floor, not so often but can be radiator pipes.
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Yes, they were stuck on with black bitumen. There aren't any pipes under the kitchen floor, it was purely down to the removed marley tiles.
The stuff on the handle of the tin is still tacky after 48hours so don't think its reacting with the floor itself, its just taking forever to dry. Its a big room and weve had windows from and back open for over ten hours.
So, if we brush cement powder over it in a few days, self levelling stuff will be okay to go straight on top?
the dry cement powder will stick to the tacky surface and "blind" it, absorbing into the stickiness
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The damp in the kitchen is usually a sub floor with no Dpm being covered and can’t breathe.

Not used that Dpm before but you could put a couple of coats of their primer over it.

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