Megaflo keeps need recharging

18 Dec 2004
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United Kingdom

My megaflow flow is 18 years+ old and I seem to have to recharge it very often as I see the overflow dripping frequently. Spoke to megaflow and the only advice they say it will require a service engineer to take a look but I’ve spent quite a bit on call outs and all they seem to do is empty the tank and re-charge it, one said it could be lime scale… but I have a water softener.

What is the life expectancy for a cylinder approximately, just trying to work out if it would be better to have it replaced completely vs paying for call-outs. I heard someone mentioned on the forums that the internal air bubble thing could be knackered and there is a way you could fit an external one.

Any advice on this cheers
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As you've said yourself, the floating baffle has probably failed - a common issue. Either have an external vessel fitted, or get a new cylinder which will come with a 25 year warranty
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Is there a premium brand that doesn't have a design flaw?
Im not a pro like the guys who are advising costly fixes, but has all the diagnostics been done to determine it’s the cylinder? Did you search the forum for Megaflo baffle issue to see if it applies to you? Is the dripping very warm water and does it smell like inhibitor? There are other lines feeding the tundish so it might just be one of the valves that need addressing. A simple possibility is the pressure reducing valve requires periodic inspection the filter cleaned.
Are you getting any small particles or bead like pieces in your hot water supply?

The older megaflops were known for the baffle inside to start to break down, if you could find that then you may be eligible for a replacement under guarantee. If not then I would say there is still an argument that if the cylinder is no longer holding it's bubble then they need to investigate and explain why and come up with a solution. If it has followed all the required guidelines of course (that includes yearly servicing)

All megaflo cylinders have at least a 30 year guarantee.

Does recharging the baffle stop the overflow albeit it temporarily? If so then it probably is an expansion issue, was it Heatrae that were out to look at it? Or another qualified Unvented engineer?

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