Merkel. .........the rise of the far right thanks to her idiocy

Theresa is rock solid

No doubt. Probably the best prime minister ever in a very difficult period. Again and again her opponents have predicted her downfall but yet she remains.
With back stabbing tories, remoaners and her enemies in labour she remains steadfast and resolute.
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Laugh all you want.
That shyster corbyn you believe in would make a far worse dogs dinner of it.
I notice you misquoted my line to suit your agenda.
No surprise there.
Yes, but it'd be a dogs dinner that he'd enjoy, because Corbyn would be hosting it.
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It only matters because kankerot said it is

And nobody has addressed my point that Corbyn used the 'we are now the centre ground' as technique to hide the fact his party is real hard left. It gives a false impression that the labour party is a mainstream centre ground party, when in fact Corbyns sidkicks are knocking on thr commhnist door.

Weve fogotten how the mainstream labour party tried to get him out because of hid anti establishment far left beliefs. Now he is doing well theyve shut up and are biding their time.

Can you then define to me what the centre ground is on the following

Police Cuts
NHS Cuts
Education Cuts
Railway Nationalisation

Stop this left / right branding - look at the policies and keep the politics out of it.

I had high hopes for Cameron when I voted for him.
This was supposed to be austerity which never went nearly far enough.

How far would be far enough?

Did you gain from Austerity?

By the way why don't you first learn the meaning of Austerity - usually a good start.
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