Metal roof advice - much appreciated

11 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
Hello all,
Thanks for all the posts. I've learned a lot from this forum.

I'm putting a metal flat roof and wall cladding on a small (4x2.2m) concrete building. It'll be unheated. I've found a lot of info, but it's so America-based it's of limited use here in the UK (different brands/methods).

My plan for the roof is: Joists, plyboard, underlay, battens, metal sheet
My plan for the cladding is: battens, metal sheet

My questions:
Synthetic non breathable underlay seems like the way to go to keep it simple. There's an overwhelming amount of information/brands of underlay, could anyone just say 'buy this thing'?

I've got a huge roll of DPM hanging around. I assume it would be unsuitable, but part of me thinks it's all just mega-bin-bag stuff so why not?

Assuming I end up with some massive roll, would putting the same underlay on the walls, under the battens, help, or is it pointless?

Any other pointers or critiques would be welcome, of course.

Many thanks in advance,

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