Miele T 294 C Tumble Dryer Problems

25 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone, just hoping someone could shed some light on the issues I'm having with my Miele T 294 C condenser tumble dryer.

Model T294C
Type HT19-1

The dryer would start beeping a few minutes into drying and turned itself onto "cool air" mode then stopped all by itself! If we're lucky, after a few times of switching the machine off and on again, it might run for half hour or so, but would start beeping again before the clothes were properly dried.

Based on a reply to someone else's post on here, I put the dryer into service mode and noted the flashing LEDs error message:

"Drying" flashes twice, then 2 second pause (repeats)
"Cool Air" flashes once, then 2 second pause (repeats)

To be as accurate as possible, here's a video I took of the flashing lights:

The dryer is out of warranty ... I really hope I can sort it out myself. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks :)
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Check the rear NTC as per my previous post at the bottom of this page under "similar topics".
Hey zipper, glad to receive your reply! Yes, we gave it a go just now, and the rear NTC does not seem to register any continuity in the multimeter at all - reading just stayed at 1.

As the pic shows here, we tested at both points noted on the pic. I hope that is the rear NTC. We even skinned the two brown wires to test it, just in case we didn't get a correct reading.

We also tested the pale blue plug next to its right (element?), the reading was approx 94 ohm.

If you could please let us know what our next step should be, that would be really excellent. Thanks :)

Afraid you're way off the mark. The circled area marked on the photo is the mains suppressor, it has nothing to do with the NTC. The heater pcb is fed via the suppressor & it is live all the time....so I hope you pulled the plug before doing anything. The NTC plug is at the top of the heater pcb & has two thin leads attached. It is obstructed from view on the photo by the cable harness. You need to push the cables aside, locate the NTC plug & measure the resistance from there. It is all explained in the other thread.
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Thanks zipper, just shows how little I know about dryers ...

ok, I hope we got it correct this time around.

We found the rear NTC plug behind the cable harness as you've instructed :D

The one with the 2 thin grey wires, as circled in the first pic below. The resistance measured was initially 105k ohm, and as we held on to the NTC inside the diamond shaped cover at the back (as circled in the second pic), its resistance dropped to about 71k ohm.

Whilst at it, we also checked the stat at the back (next to NTC) and resistance was 0.

Hope this is the info you need.

Thanks again for your help so far!!
When the "drying LED" flashes twice in service mode it indicates an open circuit NTC on the heater bank. When no heat is registered within 1min of the heater being switched on an alarm is generated & the dryer goes into cooling phase before switching off. However your NTC seems to show a reasonably ball-park value at room temp. Not to say that it couldn't be faulty; it may well be too slow in resistance change or out of parameters on a temp scale. Another possibility could be that one of the relays on the heater pcb is defective. Did you try the dryer on a 30min timed cycle as described in my other post? It would be interesting to know if it runs, heats, & completes the cycle without an alarm...
Please post all the numbers on the door sticker so I can check for modification alerts.
Thanks zipper, miraculously it completed a 30 minute timed warm run without any problem this time, when before it would switch off to "cool air"!

Not sure if plugging things in and out have helped or not :!:

The numbers on the door are:
Nr.: 40/89739582
M-Nr. 06985030

Out of curiosity I put it in service mode again just now and the flashing lights were gone, only leaving a constant light on "Finish" - does this mean it's not registering any errors?

Hmm... I'll do a load of laundry tomorrow and try it out on a full cycle, will report back... Fingers crossed!!
If you are lucky it might just have been a bad connection on the NTC plug. But if it throws up the same kind of error when you try it on an auto cycle then there is a problem with the residual dampness circuit. On a timed cycle this is disabled. Wishing you luck...keep me in the loop :D
Let's hope with a bit of luck we can escape the damage ($) - will report back tomorrow. Thanks so much zipper :D
Argh! Not so lucky, I'm afraid. We put a full load on automatic, all was running ok initially until about 18 minutes into it, the dryer started beeping and turned itself onto "cool air" mode.

I put it in service mode and the lights were different this time - only the "drying" LEDs were flashing, the sequence was two long flashes followed by two short flashes, then pause (repeats)

We took a video of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDRyBH9nNpU

We then tried putting it on 30 minute timed run, again it stopped and beeped about 20 or so minutes into the cycle. We did it a couple of times with same results.

Silly me I was all hopeful last night that the problem has gone away! :cry:

Any ideas? Could it be the residual dampness circuit that might be fooling the machine into thinking it's dry enough to turn itself onto "cool air" then switch off? But then that wouldn't explain why it didn't complete the 30 min timed cycle... :?:
From your video clip it looks like the selector switch is in the finish position, is this correct???
If it is then you have entered service mode ok BUT...in finish position you only read the machine software version...not a valid error code.
To read the error log the selector switch has to be moved to position 1 (one click to the right of finish). Please read the test procedure again.
Turn the program selector to position 1 & watch the drying LED
Thanks zipper, my bad, that was me not paying enough attention, sorry :oops:

ok, just did it as per instructions: same results as very first time
"drying" flashes twice, 2 sec pause (repeats)
"cool air" flashes once, 2 sec pause (repeats)

Video is here: http://youtu.be/r61L2I2SNuk
Thanks zipper, do you know the exact spares/part article number by any chance? How much do you reckon it'd cost?
http://www.espares.co.uk/parts?k=5435972 Miele parts are very expensive :(
The error code & the fact that it malfunctions on a timed cycle now all point to a bad NTC, but it isn't a an exact science.
This is about the cheapest end to start when replacing parts. Hope it solves the issue for you ;)

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