Miele Novotronic T294C tumble dryer stops after few mins

2 Dec 2012
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United Kingdom

We have a Miele Novotronic T294C dryer which, when used on any non-timed program, runs only for a short time before ending the program and sounding the beep to indicate that it has finished, having not dried the clothes much at all.

Every once in a while we get lucky and the dryer actually completes a full cycle and dries the clothes but this only happens maybe once every 20 attempts on average and I haven't noticed any sort of pattern as to when and why it works when it does.

The 30 minute warm air timed drying works (i.e. it heats up and does run for 30min) but it takes many consecutive runs of this program to actually dry the clothes as each run only extracts a small amount of water from the clothes.

I followed some of zipper's instructions on this thread //www.diynot.com/forums/appliances/miele-t-294-c-tumble-dryer.328618/ and have checked the thermostat continuity (which was fine), the resistance of the element (around 90 Ohms) and the behaviour of the rear NTC since it was easy to access. The rear NTC resistance was about 200kOhms to start with (the utility room in which the appliance is located was very cold, maybe 5 degrees C). I heated up the NTC a little by placing a halogen torch lamp near it and the resistance started dropping slowly. I removed the lamp once it had dropped to about 180kOhms and after a few seconds the resistance stopped dropping.

I put the dryer into service mode, turned the dial to position 1 and got the following sequence:

The "Drying" light flashes 5 long flashes, then there is a pause, then this repeats. Near the end of each of the long flashes of the "Drying" light, the "Cool air" light flashes a short flash. I don't know what this fault code means.

Any suggestions as to where to proceed from here would be greatly appreciated!

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hi, did you ever get this issue sorted? I have the same problem with the same machine.....!

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