Miele W3370 Dead.

15 Jan 2022
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United Kingdom
Miele W3370 can anyone can help.

The Mrs started the washing machine not knowing I was going to turn the water off.
Half way through a wash a message appeared " CHECK WATER INLET" and the washer kept beeping.

Turn off the washer to stop the beep.

Turn the water back on.

Turn the washer back on - totally dead!

Take top off washing machine, check continuity from 3 pin mains plug to washing machine board plug.
The switch on front of machine makes my multi meter "beep" for continuity when pressed.

Check the door switch, seems ok.

Looked on ebay and couldn't find the exact part number ELP165F for the main board.
Found similar boards with different suffix ELP165S but they are not exactly the same.

I hope I havn't introduced more faults.

Any pointers?
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