Mini one 2008

12 May 2016
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United Kingdom
I wonder if anyone can help
Today my Daughters Mini one broke down on the motorway. Engine light came on with burning oil smell called out green flag opened bonnet oil everywhere he didnt do anythin and said thers a big oil leak.
Recovered car back home put diagnostics on it. 4 errors came up P0118 X 2, PO327,PO112. Engine does not turn. Im assumin my son checked oil the day before and didnt tighten the cap. please can any of you gurus put my mind at ease to how serious are these faults???
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If the engine doesn't turn Sid, I'm afraid its time to start the hunt for a replacement.....very bad luck here.
John :)
Is Burnerman said, the engine is scrap if its been run out of oil and seized up as a result.

Don't be tempted to try and rebuild it, won't be sucessfull and money down the drain..
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not the best engine a Peugeot at that to starve of oil the 2nd gen mini was terrible engine wise as above toast im afraid also if cap was loose she would have been driving with the oil pressure light showing (no oil level light on these)