Minor Problem Painting new Plaster (With Pictures)

12 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

We had our hall skimmed about a month ago. I painted it on Friday with dulux trade super matt (white) with about 30-40% water, then a 2nd coat Monday of the same paint this time only with about 20% added water.

It looks great seeing this is only the base but in places the paint seems to have reacted badly, it almost looks like damaged wall paper. I've attached a couple of pics, amended slightly in photoshop to help show it. Its worse on the ceiling there are about 5 areas like this.

This also happened in the lounge a few months ago but only in one spot. Any idea what caused this and the best way to correct?



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It's difficult to see properly but when you say the paint has reacted badly, do you mean it's actually flaked away leaving an impression or is it just a little bit see through?

I wonder if the plasterer splashed some PVA on the ceiling accidentally after it had been polished. That would stop the paint soaking into the plaster on the areas affected resulting in a different rate of coverage.

If it's eft an impression then fil with a fine surface filler, sand smooth and the mist the filled area again before painting with your top coats.


Good thought, fred....I`d dab it with some Zinnser.....cause I like that for sealing problem areas ;)
Cheers for the replies. The paint hasn't flaked away its more like it just wont stick in those places leaving it a bit see through. When you run your hand over it you can feel where its not sticking as it feels a bit lumpy. Going over it with more paint makes no difference.

Putting a bit of filler in and sanding will probably be the best idea I suppose, I just wish I knew why it happened.
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Its definately a weird one, but it could be like fred says, its either over polished, or PVA has got it to it somewhere.

I have come across this the odd time, not on ceilings, but on walls, and there has been the odd patch that sort of bleeds through.
It like teardrop marks, and the paint just wont stick to it.

What I did and it always works, is to dab some oilbase undercoat on these blotches, then when dry, touch in with the emulsion, then roll the wall again, and its always worked. :D

but if you have a slight indent, then perhaps its best to fill it first, then either dab the UC, or the zinsser, then emulsion.

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