Miras Flight SHower Trays - Any good?

24 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
Has anyone used Miras Flight shower trays?

They seem to 'fit the bill' with option riser kits to fit on my concrete floor.

Any other recommendations welcome - after a sturdy stone resin tray.

Are risers better than say sitting it on blocks?
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Fantastic trays for the price, you can pay more and get arguably better ones but IMHO there's absolutely nothing wrong with Flights. The riser kits are generally OK, seem pretty sturdy provided you don't need to raise up too much. If you need a lot of height, much better to keep the legs shorter and put blocks of wood under them. I would use the kit personally, if the tray should fail then you'll have no comeback on the warranty if it's not been installed as per the manufacturers instructions.
Thanks muggles ..

Just noticed Miras dont do a flight slim in 1200x900 I require.

I need to raise the tray by about 120mm for a macerator gradient, and mount it on a concrete floor.

Could I use say a Just Tray (http://www.jt40.info/jt40.html) and sit it on top of breeze blocks?
I have a flight 1200x800 and it is very nice.

The riser is OK and easy to fit, but I think a custom fit solid riser would be better. I think breeze would be OK, make sure something suitable on top of breeze! I think cellotex would be good on top (cavity wall board), I have used underneath a hot tub to good effect. It gives a soft plyable surface and insulates well - perfect for a shower tray.

Belive it or not is is very uncompressible over large areas, the hot tub full of water has not crushed it much.

Have never used cellotex on shower tray though, so take this recommendation as totally untested! Small movement may be an issue with the tiles........

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Just read the instructions for the tray and they say you can use sand and cement so I guess gripfill would be fine (if it stays solid enough!)

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