Shower tray problems


8 May 2006
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

i've got a Mira Flight corner shower tray thats is holding the water on the edges against the wall. Its been in for nearly 2 years.

The tray has been fitted on a riser kit and has upstands. The wall covering is a waterproof shower panel. It appears that the edges are falling back towards the walls.

I don't remember the shower tray edges holding water after is was installed. In the corner where the shower screen is fitted there is mould due to the water.

Could this be due to expansion in the shower board pushing down the edges of the tray?

Any help appreciated.
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Could be but those panels are usually ply so don't as a rule expand, unless other material photo would be good, more likely the try dropping pop the panel off the front get a level and jack the legs up.
Thanks for the replies.

The tray is level across both ways. I put a small level on the edges around the tray and they are all running away form the inside of the tray. Is this normal?

I cant jack up the tray as they panel is sitting on it. There is no gap at the bottom.
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If it hasn't moved then it must be from install if it's running away then it may be the molding of the try but still soul of be at point of install. Mira are good products as a rule but can give them a call for advice.
If the tray is level all ways and has been installed as per manufacturers specs then I genuinely believe you have a case against Mira.

Provided the wall Panels aren't holding water and releasing it. Just for info, yes the Ply Panel (Mermaid Etc) do expand when wet.
Thanks for the feedback.

I have contacted Mira this morning and they are going to ring me back to arrange a visit for one of their engineers.

I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.
Hi all,

Engineer from mira came today and found that there is a fall on the edges away from the tray. He said that Mira will probably use a British Standard allowed for the fall away from the tray.

He said he would not be happy with this problem and that it would be worth looking into the British Standards for shower trays to see if I have a case and take that to Mira.

He also said that the shower board should have been sat on top of a bed of silicone and then sealed on the face.
The board has been sat directly on the tray. He said the problem with this is that the water will find its way through the corners and build up between the back if the board and the upstands.

Does anyone have any information on the British Standards for shower trays with regards to my problems or any thoughts on the outcome of the engineer's visit?

Thanks in advance

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