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4 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
Just fitted a mixer tap onto new sink in downstairs WC.

Used flexible connectors, no problem, but how the feck are you supposed to tighten the nut that holds the tap to the sink top (via that little underside plate).

I can get it semi-tight but there is no room for a tap spanner, or any easy way to get a small adjustable in.

Only way I can think is to shorten the bolt and use a socket on an extension bar.

Any tips or ideas plumbers of the world ?
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A regular problem....
There are a variety of nuts and bolts provided for this job.

Does your bolt have a groove at one end? U can loosen it, move the nut up, then tighten it with a screwdriver.
If u have a long nut, with groove on either side of bottom end, u can hacksaw the bolt shorter, then turn the nut with a wide flat head screwdriver.
I have been looking for a box spanner (like a spark plug spanner - but thinner) to fit but haven't found one yet!

BTW, don't use an adjustable, use the correct size spanner, there will be more space to manoeuvre :)
Box spanners are a very rare thing these days, I wouldn't part with my complete set, we need then for so many jobs.

otherwise you are stuck with an open ended spanner of correct size, we always assemble the tap before we put the basin in. It's much harder to replace one. Some taps it's best to fix the tap before puting the tails in some vice versa. It's usually only possible one way.

I am certain the folk who make these taps have never tried to fit one.

The flexi's are actually a lot worse in thius situation than the chrome plated soft copper tails. You can tighten up the solid tails without using the hexagon whereas flexis don't like that treatment, and their structure around the hex is more bulbous so makes a tight situation much worse. Lubricate the tails' o ring seals to prevent pinching and guaranteed leak. Replacement tails are available in most sizes from merchants.

I don't think this flexible stuff is going to last as long as solid pipe do you?
Thanks chaps.

Just been for a lie down in the downstairs WC.

I've removed the bolt and checked, but there is nothing helpful like a groove. (Probably would have added 0.001p to manufacturing cost).

I'll resort to plan A and hacksaw the bolt to the required length & then either use a socket, or hacksaw in a groove myself.

I'm using the flexi connectors as the bowl is not on a pedestal, so all the bottle trap & stuff is chrome. The chromed flexi's look better than soldered copper tails. ...... Blame the wife for that one ....
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A decent socket set should have something to fit i use an all singing snap on kit but a pal of mine does perfectly well with halfords top of the range professional set (£100)

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