Mortar used to seal Urastone asbestos flue pipe sections?

27 Jun 2013
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United Kingdom

I hope somebody can help me.

I have a flue pipe in my loft marked 'Urastone' which is made of asbestos cement based on a quick Google search. The flue pipe consists of sections from the ground floor, through the loft and to the vent of the ridge of the roof. The house was built in 1972, UK.

My question is regarding the mortar which seals the jointed sections. Is this likely to be plain mortar/ cement or a type of asbestos mortar or putty? Could it be something else. I do not know much about flues.

Unfortunately, only one of the photos shows a joint where some of the mortar has crumbled and fallen off but it is far worse than this when up close. Tapping the pipe sometimes make a small amount of mortar fall down on to the joists/ loft insulation below. I have tried to clean as much loose debris as i can but i am concerned that this might contain asbestos. The flue is not in use so no worries there.

Please can somebody advise?

Many thanks for your help.

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What advice do you need.? If it's not being used then you don't need to touch it and you're in no danger from asbestos.

Sorry, i should have been more clear. The flue is staying. I just wanted to know if the cement that is used to seal the sections of the flue pipe is likely to be plain old cement/ mortar or a fancy heat proof putty or cement?

As long as it is only plain cement/ mortar/ putty rather than heatproof asbestos containing stuff, i have nothing to worry about as i know not to damage the actual asbestos Urastone flue pipe.

I have cleaned the rubble/ dust from below it which is what got me wondering whether it is safe or not.

Thanks for any input. :)

I have added a couple more photos.

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The flue looks like it has dropped slightly by looking at the ridge tile adaptor. and repairing and testing a flue should be left to experts. You are out of your comfort zone if you have to ask about jointing materials. Still not clear as to whether the flue is still used?

Thanks to all for the input. :)

The flue is not in use as we have no active fire in the living room. The fire we have is not connected to the gas pipe, it is purely a decorative piece. The flue is not being removed and will remain in situ.

You are correct in that i have no knowledge of gas/ heating safety except for what i read on the net.

I am only asking about the jointing material as i want to know if this jointing material is hazardous due to it crumbling away and falling on to the loft floor ( i know the Urastone asbestos cement flue pipe itself can be dangerous if disturbed or damaged but i am not touching it at all).

I simply wish to know as i was clearing the loft space to make way for some storage and noticed the amount of debris which has fallen from the pipe joints. As flue pipes can get hot (hence being made of asbestos), i thought that the jointing cement material might need to be heat proof also, ie contain asbestos.

I hope this is clear. I would not fiddle with anything unless i knew what i was doing.

Thanks in advance.
If the flue is not being used then it would be generally better to remove it.

If you were to sell then asbestos on a survey is not good news!

If the flue is not being used then it would be generally better to remove it.


Which goes against the advice generally given for asbestos. If it's in good condition it is generally better to leave in situ as removal can lead to fibres being released.
That is so if only considering the asbeston and not the value of the building.

I would expect that apart from Mike, 99% of people would shy away fron buying a house with asbestos!

In the UK we have become acustomed to seeing private houses as an investment and not as just somewhere to live!


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