Mushrooms in lawn

10 Mar 2004
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United Kingdom

Can anyone advise of the best way to get rid of mushrooms I have appearing in the lawn. They seem to be spreading all over the place.

Thanks in advance
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I know practically nothing about gardening, but, Mushrooms will not grow in soil that has previously had mushrooms growing in it. (they poison the soil for their future generation). This is what gives rise to "fairy rings".

Due to this phenomena, Mushroom farmers can only use their compost once. They then sell it on as "spent Mushroom Compost". (available at most garden centres). This is a very good growing medium for practically anything EXCEPT mushrooms.

So my logic is, If you spread some spent mushroom compost over your lawn, it will stop further growths of mushrooms. :) (also very good for roses, so I gather).

It might be an idea to wait for someone else to confirm this remedy, because, as I say, I know practically nought about gardening.
Thanks for the info Tex. May give it a go.

Does anybody else have any ideas?
If they're mushrooms, pick 'em and eat 'em, and wave two fingers at the supermarkets.... lucky you.
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Eddie M said:
If they're mushrooms, pick 'em and eat 'em, and wave two fingers at the supermarkets.... lucky you.
Just be darned sure they are edible mushrooms first. From appearance, I can't tell the difference between Destroying Angel, Death Cap and ordinary field mushrooms. Just one of either is enough to kill you :eek:

Destroying Angel

Death Cap

Can you tell?
Looking at the pictures Tex, I seem to have Destroying Angel (longer stem).

Just got to keep our 2 year old son (and the dogs) away from them. Mower chops 'em down, but they grow back quicker than the grass !!!!
Not much you can do about mushrooms. They feed of decaying wood in the soil and grow from there. You have a few alternatives. firstly dig out the affected areas, or just keep removing them before they get too large and spore again. DO NOT put mushroom compost on them! mushrooms will grow again on the soil and do not poison it. the reason you get fairy rings is becuase when the mushroom spores are released they are rteleased in a 360 degree arc causing the ring effect, which slowley moves across the lawn. You can try a solution of iron sulphate 1/2 oz per gallon per square metre :D
Thermo is right. Not much you can do about them. We've had loads this summer on our new lawn. The most important thing is to make sure you pick every single mushroom carefully as soon as you see it - even the tiniest - otherwise they will continue to spread. They just love this damp weather. I know we're almost getting to the end of lawn cutting but do make sure you have a good session picking the devils before you mow - otherwise it's a great way of spreading the spores. Good luck!
looks like you may have a False Death Cap (Amanita citrina) there although Mushroom ID is very hard with holding the thing ....False Death Cap smell like raw potatoes....
anyway you dont have any chance of getting rid of them from your lawn ...the mushroom is only the fruiting body of the fungi (bit like the iceberg thing) the soil of your lawn (like most other peoples) will be riddled with the mycellium of the fungi,..these mycellium have created the fruiting body because the conditions are right for the fungi to release its spores.....
your best bet is to pick them if children or animals are near or you dont like the look of them..
sorry if its bad news but thats nature for you

dont mow over em, this will spread the spores and voila !!more mushrooms...
There's been some sound advice posted on this subject, so not mutch to add. Your best bet for a cure will be to improve drainage for a start, and as others have said, pick them b4 you mow. Most gardeners want to add organic matter to their garden, you unfortunately may have too take it away from under your turf. Sometimes buried dead animals can cause mushrooms. Mushrooms love, damp, shady, organic rich soil. Good luck!
It might be worth trying to change the acidity of your lawn. I seem top remember fungi need relatively acid conditions so you could try sprinkling some lime on the lawn, which should green it up nicely anyway and might stop the fungi.

Worth a try- let us know.

And defo, don't mow the mushrooms, pick them before they get dry and shed spores. Mower blades spead the spores a treat!
Eddie M said:
If they're mushrooms, pick 'em and eat 'em, and wave two fingers at the supermarkets.... lucky you.

And if they're liberty caps, pick 'em and eat 'em and wave two hundred fingers at the supermarkets!!!
For Markf and texmex:

Death cap = amanita phalloides
Destroying angel = amanita virosa
Fool's mushroom = amanita verna

All three are deadly and there's no antidote. That last one is so named because the cap looks like an edible mushroom from above. The let-out is that amanitas have WHITE gills, not brown like the edible mushroom.

For keyplayer:

Pick em, COOK EM and eat em. Baking in a low oven (about 100 deg C) will do. This simple step will stop them from going rotten and stop you from getting a bad gut.

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