My roof now leaks after neighbors re-tiled roof

23 Oct 2013
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone,
My neighbors recently had their roof re-tiled. I've noticed a few leaks along the join with their house last week. I inspected the roof and spotted that some tiles on my roof have been disturbed. There is a gap between the roofs and I’m wonder is that can cause any problems (there is bonding gutter but no concrete).
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I can't see why they would use a bonding gutter from that photo. Have you had a word with your neighbour about it.
They have fitted a new lead valley to the neighbours side, and by looking at the photo the bonding gutter only laps the lead valley by about an inch.
Looks like the 3 bottom tiles have been dropped down a bit.

The bonding gutter should be okay but the bottom tiles need sorting out plus extend the bonding gutter onto the lead valley.
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Why did they not just join into your existing roof? Tiles are the same.
Makes no sense and looks a shocking mess. Any more photos?
I would need to go up there to take more photos. The tiles are the same so I don't know why they left me with a gap. I've never seen this type of connection before. Is it possible thar water can get under the tiles? I was reading about instaling low profie bonding gutters and if I'm right there shouldn't be any gap. I've spoken to my neighbours and someone wil inspect the roof on Saturday.
That style of bonding gutter is supposed to have a gap so you can point it up, hence the grit surface. The water will be running underneath the tiles and in your side through holes that the roofers have probably made while fitting it.

Probably not felted properly underneath either.
Don't understand at all why they have used a bonding gutter there the same tiles as next door looks like they have ran it from the valley

Stupid roofing

Wouldn't really say it is a problem with it not being bedded and pointed up we use these all the time as long as they are cut in nice and tight they never leak bedding them up sometimes actually causes the problem water runs down the roof and gets trapped behind the pointing and backs up over the edge of the bonding gutter
It's a complete bodge and hasn't been done by proper roofers. They are the same tile FFS.

And why were the old ones removed in the first place. Any caravans in the vicinity?
My neighbours told me that the roofers inspected everything and apparently my led is in ‘very poor condition’. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with it – doesn’t have any hols and cracks.

I’ve got a feeling that this will take a while to sort out.
Thank you all for your comments
Roofers? That wasn't done by roofers.
Doesn't look anything up with your lead, a split should be obvious but we can not see much in the 1 picture really.
As my learned friends have said, this has been done either by a general builder (why people don't employ the right people to do the right job is beyond me) or a cowboy. There is no reason for there to be a bonding gutter there and the lap is insufficient anyway. I would suggest you take some more photo's to show us here, but, also ask a local, reputable roofer to come and look at it, take some photo's and when they have done so, sit down with your neighbour, show them what has been done and why it is wrong, and discuss what to do next. In my experience if someone has made one mistake on a roof, they will have made lots more once you start to look into it.

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