My Siemens RDJ10RF stopped working...

19 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
I noticed yesterday (Saturday) evening that our thermostat - a Siemens RDJ10RF - had stopped working, inasmuch as the screen was blank. I changed the batteries with several new sets but it still didn't work. This may be because the unit has been accidentally knocked onto the floor several times. I am therefore assuming that the unit is a write-off, so need to go buy a new replacement.

So, my question is this. Is this something I can replace myself, or do I have to get a heating engineer in to replace?

Can I use pretty much use any RF thermostat/programmable controller with the existing Siemens RCR10/433-GB receiver? It would just require me to "pair" the new thermostat/controller with the existing receiver, yes?


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You would need the correct seimans one or i would recommend a honeywell cm927 much better unit, i change alot of the siemans ones theynare cheap rubbish.

Have you tried new bought batteries or just using ones from the same pack, had a similar problem and it turned out customer had bought new duracells and half of them wasnt kicking out anywhere near 1.5v
Thanks Bazdaman, I'll buy some new batteries first before doing anything else.

If I were to buy the Honeywell CM927, would that require fitting by a heating engineer or is it something I can do myself? It's more a question of whether I can get central heating back on today or will have to wait until an engineer comes to fit.

I've bought some new batteries but it still does not work.

So, it looks like I need a new thermostat, which leads me back to my original question. Can I buy a replacement one and fit it myself, or do I need a heating engineer to fit a new replacement one?

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You don't technically need a heating engineer to fit a new one. Anyone with a little electrical knowledge should be capable of fitting it. But if you don't feel confident messing with electrics then call an engineer or an electrician
Easy enough to swap yourself, if you have a little knowledge you can bridge the stat out to get heating going tonight have you pressed overide on receiver?
To be honest I'm not comfortable replacing it, so may get an engineer in even thought it sounds trivial when you know how. Ho hum...

I didn't realise there was an override, which I've now pressed and the heating has come on. Thanks for that! Having just Googled the manual it appears I will have to press Override again to effectively switch it off, given that the is no normal connection between the thermostat and the receiver.

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