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18 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
I'm currently renovating a small 2 bed victorian terrace (circa 1880) and would like to repair/replace the coving as we move into 'making good' stage... currently we have a weird mix of coving styles in different rooms, and a lot of it looks to have been repaired (very poorly) at some stage.

I'm wandering wether the coving seen here might be the original coving:

Anyone recognise the profile or care to have a stab at it's authenticity?

Am i better off trying to save any of it... or should i just replace with new matching plaster coving?

ps: we're going for a Torus skirting/architrave profile which i believe may have been the original profile for the house.
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The coving is original.

I doubt you'll 'buy' anything like that. The original would have been made on site.

Probably easier just to attempt to fill and repair it.

The alternative would be to bash it off, replaster all the damaged bits of the wall, then try to find a modern ornate coving to stick up.

Exhausting just thinking about it.

Try and repair it first.

Btw, you may want to send that pic of the electricity cut out to the Electrics Forum.

That should give them a laugh.
As long as you're not a stickler for original fittings, it seems that you may as well as replace all the coving as you're doing all this re-plastering.

When one skims up to existing coving, some of the detail can get lost if the skim is fairly thick.

Since you're getting all this work done, I suppose it would be sensible to have nice new perfect coving.

It's not as though the original coving is anything special.

I doubt any of today's coving that one buys in lengths will be an exact match.

I think that electricity cut out is nearly as old as the Victorian coving.
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I have fixed with filler any of my original Cornice that were fixable.
But many I found were easier to replace in full with something new but as similar as possible.

I found the following web site has a nice listing of avalible Cornice that you can compare yours with (and they are in London so might be near you). I have used this company twice (as a DIYer) and I have liked their products.

However, note that I always chose the simpler Cornice products so that they would be easier for me to join at corners etc. When I say simpler I mean no small repeating shapes that would need super accurate cutting and joining.

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