Need to attach 3pin socket to cooler circuit

26 Nov 2017
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United Kingdom
i just bought a new single electric oven, but this one comes with a 13amp plug fixed. Previously my oven was connected to a junction box along with my electric hob, and connected to an infused cooker switch. The fuse in my fuse box for this circuit is 30amp. How can I install a 3 pin socket on this circuit next to the fuse jox for the hob on this circuit? Is there a combo box I can get that will allow my to keep the job wired directly in but also has a 3pin socket?


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Replace the rouind JB with a twin cooker outlet plate


One outgoing cable to the hob, the other to a socket.

Where is that JB in relation to the switch? There are rules for where concealed cables are allowed to be run.
The JB and the switch are on the same wall, about 70-80 cons apart. The cable goes into the wall from what I can see.

I have a single socket here and some spare BS6004 cable, so I can just run a new socket off the new twin cooker plate behind the cooker then?
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The JB and the switch are on the same wall, about 70-80 cons apart.
In a line vertically or horizontally? Did you read the Wiki article?

I have a single socket here and some spare BS6004 cable, so I can just run a new socket off the new twin cooker plate behind the cooker then?
What size cable?
The cable is 6/7mm thick. The switch is to the right about 50cm and about 40cm above. Hard to see behind the units.
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This post appears to be a continuation of a previous recent post in which you posed as 'meanwhileinhell'.

The photo gives it away.

Better to have carried out the same post, but there you go.

Let's try and give you some straight answers, this simple job is going on and on.


This will confirm to us that the grey cable on the right actually is 6mm2 cable.
We also need details of your 'electric' hob. That white cable looks incorrect at a glance, so hopefully we can prove otherwise.

Send photos of as much as you can, then we can give better answers.
Yeah I posted as MiH but completely forgot my password l/recovery email address.

Here are the pics of the JB cover off, and the underside of the hob. Also the measurements of the cable I have, which I think is too small.

Note! I did read the wiki article. I didn’t install anything that is currently there. Judging from the angle of the cable, it’s not running diagonally.


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Ok. First of all, that is NOT how you measure cable size.

The cable on the right of the junction box is 6mm2, so that is good.

The cable on the hob is ropey.
Can't make out how powerful the hob is.
Is the hob all electric?, is it gas, or definitely all electric?

You may need to upgrade the cable on the hob.

The hob should have a rating plate or label, which states how powerful it is in W or kW. We need this.
Yeah the hob is 100% electric, induction hob, bought from ikea and that is the cable it came with. It’s been installed for around 4 years.
The hob should have a rating plate or label which states how powerful it is in W or kW. We need this next.
Sorry the image didn’t attach with my last post. Looks to be 6,0kW


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Ok, that sounds right.

The white cable on the hob is woefully unacceptable. It is undersized, and not very flexible as the red and black wires are solid, not stranded.

So, you need some 6.0 mm2 twin and earth cable.

Forget your cable measuring technique. You do not measure cable in that way. You will have to ask at whichever shop you go to for 6.0mm2.

Replace the hob cable with 6.0mm2 twin and earth cable. The cable has the reach the junction box position.

Fit a socket where you need it. Use 6.0 mm2 cable, and again the cable goes back to the junction box position.

Now you need a new junction box. That twin cooker outlet you were shown is ONLY suitable if it has a back box fitted to the wall. Which you don't appear to have, unless it's hidden somewhere.

Alternatively, use a 60 amp junction box, which are usually an oval shape. Click make them.

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