need to drive 2 Dell DVI monitors with my new PC, can you he

28 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi I bought this PC recently

I had a Medion from Aldi for the last 5 years or so that I was very happy with. This seemed like a fairly high spec model.

With my last Medion I was fortunate enough that it came with 2 VGA outputs to power my 2 Dell monitors. I had it set up so that I can open different browsers windows on each monitor as opposed to any duplicate picture or a stretched one and I could move the mouse from screen to screen in one swoop which was great, not sure if this is the normal or most popular setup.

I want to set up like this again, only this time I am thinking with the higher spec PC I would like to take advantage of the DVI connections on these monitors for hopefully even better picture quality than the great quality I already had from these monitors, but the question is how best to do this?

The current video card seems to have DVI, HDMI and VGA connections, so what would you do? Could I somehow utilise the DVI and HDMI and get the setup I want or would you think it better to change the card for a dual DVI card?

The current video card is plugged into a slot with what looks like a sort of latch on the back which seems over the top as it is secure anyway. Not sure what slot this is and not sure if this is the best slot for performance for a video card.

Also the video card has some bits plugged into it from the PC and I am worried if I got a new card, would all the the plugs fit the new board.

Should I notice a big difference going from VGA to DVI as I did a little test and struggled to see any difference? I plugged in my old PC to one monitor into the VGA and my new PC into the other using a DVI lead and looked for a detailed picture on the net to display next to each other but I was not sure if I saw any difference but also not sure if I have to do anything with the new PC to get the best DVI out of it.

I really appreciate quality but I am not a gamer so I dont want to go mad if I have to buy a new card, but I want something that will give me a great picture etc.

Really appreciate any help or guidance.
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Hi there, hope i can help on my very first post.

I have a few dual monitor setups at work using both dvi and vga. Its not an issue and you'd be hard pressed to find any difference in quality. You may need to tweak the colours to get them to match, but other than that you should be fine, just using a vga-dvi adaptor on one.

Hope it helps.
Yeah I agree. The only time it was an issue for me was when I set one up for a professional photographer. He had to have dual dvi.
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Ok Guys thanks but what was the point of these digital formats then if you can't see any benefit. I thought it would be a bit like HD on TV's and there would be a visiable improvement going digital etc.