Neighbour Pulling Down The Fence! - Please HELP!

You are not required to have a fence.
If you cannot prove who's fence it is then it may well be his, he cannot however force you to pay for one.
If he wants to put up a new fence then its at his cost.
It must however be on his property not yours.
Make sure you mark your boundary line ASAP.

Thanks Matty

The boundary is pretty clear luckily, there are concrete posts set in the ground, he'll never get those out trust me, he can just about manage the fence.
Just had a thought, if he does pull everything down i'll just add another cheap picket fence on our side very close to boundary line.
I'm pretty kind hearted and would normally cave in, but this guy is so petty, amazing how a man could be so selfish at that age.
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ok, "on" the boundary line - not close to it.
any lane you do not fence in is basically given up and can be taken by the neighbour.

Good luck.
Surely it is on your deeds, don`t take this as law and please check it out but somewhere in the memroy cells full of rubbish I have the fence to your left is yours as you look out from your property.
Unfortunately that is incorrect.
That is just the way people treated it, the actual matter is that if there are arrows on one side on your deeds then you are responsible for maintaining that boundary.
However, anyone (either side) can put a fence up, if they do they should put it entirely on their side of the boundary (and by that I mean their side of the line - not 10mm away, not a foot away, on their side of the line - which cannot be accurately determined to such accuracy).

It is also not always on the deeds, if it is not then its just down to agreeing with neighbours. (usually best to just bite the bullet and do it all yourself).

If you put up a fence then your neighbor cannot lean things on it, paint it, hang things off it, screw things into it or do anything with it.
They can put their own fence up next to it if they wish.

This is a very common complaint, common misconception etc.
If you put a fence up, take photos during the putting up and keep receipts to prove it is yours.
Let your neighbour know it is yours and what they can and cannot do to it.

P.S. you also do not have to give the neighbour the "good side" when putting up a fence. :)
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I put the fence up in my house in Liverpool and kept all 3 good sides to my garden.
Had good neighbours who actually asked if they could protect their sides with the same stain I used on my side so it didn't bleed through.
What do you want the end result to be? Depending on that your response should be different.

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