New baxi boiler fitted , but problems with radiators



We have had a new gas boiler fitted- Baxi Duo tech combi 28 HE
and after a month are still having problems.
Initially we had heating but the room thermostat had not been wired up to the boiler, so basically it was HOT or HOT.
Apart from two radiators which were extremely patchy after an hour and a bathroom heated towel radiator that was stone cold at the top.
Finally the plumber returned and fitted an RF thermostat. apparently the patchy radiators were down to thermostatic valves and i was reminded that heat rises! However the actual problem was that the raditors only got hot around the whole outer edge. The heat rising idea! Great, but all the other radiators were hot all over and worked fine. After giving himself a shock on the boiler , my concern over his knowledge and competency grew.
Yes he is corgi registered.
He has since returned and believes that we are making up the problems and that radiators are patchy all over when they have thermostatic valves fitted. If this is true , would they not all be the same then?
He has know drained and flushed ( not power) the system down and replaced two valves.
Now the problem is that two different radiators which were piping hot before are now hot on the top and cold on the bottom ( they are vertical radiators). Also the main front rm radiator now barely gives out any heat. It does not have a thermostatic valve on.

The situation is now a stand off, he wants the rest of his money, we feel he is fobbing us off and actually doesnt have a clue what the problem is.

Before the new boiler was fitted all radiators worked great, our problem was that the boiler heat exchange cracked.

To get FULL heat from all radiators ( apart from the front rm) we have to put dial to 30, all the patchiness then disappears.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated. :(
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sounds like the system was never flush or powerflushed with chemicals before the boiler was installed.
thanks for your reply, we had already suspected this was the case. I even had this as a possible cause after talking to baxi tech. the plumber then came round full of excuses trying to infer it was our imagination, so why was it he put cleaning agent in for about 2/3 hours and flushed again? and then replaced two trv's? when he left this time he left a message with my son that there was no sludge in the system. This was on friday and we haven't heard from him since. my other concern is if the system wasn't flushed and the boiler has been affected then is the baxi warranty void?Can anyone give advice as to where we go from here as this is the 3rd visit since the boiler was fitted on the 14th march and only the last two weeks that we have had any real response(this is only because he wants to know when he is getting the balance of payment) which i have refused to pay until the issues have been rectified.
if you have still got a problem with 1 or more rads i would remove one of them and give it a flush through in the garden with the hose and see what comes out.
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I agree with Seco. Classic signs of sludge in the radiators. I have found that if it is this bad in 1 or 2 radiators then even powerflushing, coupled with banging the radiators, may not shift the sludge. As they are this bad another thing to watch out for are pin holes in the radiator, although these would not be your installers problem.

As said it will need the rad taking off and cleansing individually.

Your concern over the warranty is a valid one. If you ever have cause to claim with a flow/heat exchanger problem etc, then Baxi could test the water quality first and if found to be dirty say the warranty isn't valid.
If a vertical rad is hot at the top and cold at the bottom then that is a classic description of a rad with too little flow through it.

I still think that the problem is primarily one of balancing.

be aware that some people answering you think that you are a plumber and are going to start taking rads off yourself and balancing the system.

Of course you can get involved with that if you want but I think that you are primarily expecting the installer to do whatever is required to solve the problem.

To get FULL heat from all radiators ( apart from the front rm) we have to put dial to 30, all the patchiness then disappears.
This reads to me, as a faulty roomstat, shutting down the c/h too early.

Check the bench mark is correctly filled in by the installer (found at the back of the Installation and servicing instructions) befroe calling Baxi
Check the bench mark is correctly filled in by the installer (found at the back of the Installation and servicing instructions) befroe calling Baxi

How do Baxi deal with warrantee calls when the Benchmark has not been completed?

Email me if the answer is not appropriate for the public.

Actually told by another service dept of a manufacturer, who had direct input to the forming of Benchmark, that it is illegal for the manufacturer not to go out under warranty if the Benchmark has not been completed.
I think it needs to be power flushed with the proper chemicals, it should have been anyway, also, the system could be balanced to distribute the heat evenly

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