New boiler quote :- Seem ok?

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I would suggest not using condensing boilers . That is just my opinion though .

Great advice. All new boilers fitted from 1st April 2005 have to be condensing boilers where it is possible to fit one. It's the law, not a choice. I've never yet found a house where one can't be fitted one way or another.

The guy you used must have been a donkey to agree to sign off a boiler he didn't fit. Tell me, have you recieved a building control compliance certificate from Gas Safe ?
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Where possible is the key, and in 99% of domestic properties it is possible, the maunfacturers have solutions for almost all installation issues now. Your post makes it sound like people have a choice in the matter, they don't. If it's possible you have to have one fitted, if it's not then you can't have one anyway.

If he didn't use a FGA then how do you know it is functioning correctly, efficiently and safely ? And you didn't answer my question, Have you recieved a building control compliance certificate from Gas Safe ?

Your guess is wrong, I am not a Plumber.
Just wondered why a gas safe engineer would sign off someone else's work when it's illegal to do so. And one other point. Most people who slag off gas fitters can't pass the exams required. Fact.
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I'd love to watch you struggle through your exams after a week training. By the way Did you solder any fittings or did you use push fit
You were told to bore off, why don't you take the hint.

By the way what's this??

PeterPerfection said:
end feed or solder ?

end feed is solder you plank.

To those who don't know this character he's a well known troll and self admitted liar on here, so don't take too much notice of him, he likes to make things up. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
I'm not evading anything, as you still are. I do not and have not worked for BG. I do not live and have never lived anywhere with a PR post code, or anywhere that could possibly be construed as Preston. Where I live and have lived is irrelevant not evasive. You sound like some kind of nutcase, so telling you where I live might not be that smart a move on my part.

Yes I own a FGA, and yes I know how to use it.

Now kindly jog on with your unfounded assumptions and misinformed opinions.
I've never heard such a rant of envious bile in my life. Peter ignorea the law and slates those that obey it. Justifying his low life point of view with reference to the kind of poor installer he himself uses to pass of his own substandard and probably illegal work. Peter you are the problem not the cure. You bring this site into disrepute and are a sorry excuse for a human being.

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