New boiler quote :- Seem ok?

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No, you are the one who's been sussed pal, that's why NOBODY who knows your posting history likes you.
You're thick skinned I'll give you that, with all the abuse you get....though many would say that's a classic sign of stupidity. :rolleyes:
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I hope no one mind's me baiting the Troll, i find it quite an entertaining sport at times :LOL:

So Peter, got that compliance certificate yet ?
I hope no one mind's me baiting the Troll, i find it quite an entertaining sport at times :LOL:

Fill your boots he seems to crave the attention, even if it's only abuse.
Sad little man.
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Ptr1263 wrote
To be honest it's very easy to fit the magna clean and well worth it in the long run. The work great on all systems if there power flushed or not

Is your adivce based on solid fact or an old wive's tale?
someone who cant be intimidated or bul l $ !t T ed by your hollow threats.

Show me these threats I've made then....can't can you....didn't think so.
Like I've told you before. Once you start lying on an internet forum you lose ALL credibility because no one can believe a word from that point on.
Now unless you have some proper advice to offer I suggest you go back under your bridge.
peter, you need to control your self. You have a personality defect that makes you believe your point of view is valid even in the face of common sense and popular opinion. This psychological illness can be treated. best leave the forum and seek professional help. This is available on the national health. I would offer you my own professional advice but I have given up psychology for gas work as it pays better. The exams were easier though. Medical training took 6 years gas only four.
I'm always happy to leave others to make their own minds up on my character. The ones who know you have long since done so about you, because apart from anything else they know what a liar you are, hence all of the opprobrium you recieve. :rolleyes:

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