New patio - where to lay ACO drainage channel

20 Oct 2012
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United Kingdom
I am installing a new patio and intend to use an ACO channel to drain it - either into an existing gully or into a soakaway.

I intend to have the patio fall in two directions - away from the house and also towards a soakaway.


My question is about where to put the drainage channel. The patio will be below DPC and my original intention was to put the drainage channel ie. next to the building and drain into a gully. But now I'm thinking that it will be better served on the garden side which is where any water will be running towards with the fall - and have it run into a soakaway.

Any advice on which side to put it is appreciated. I'm aware that it would be best practise to put it next to the building if the patio were flat, but since there will be a fall away from the house I'm thinking that water is unlikely to sit there and cause a problem with damp.
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either option is not wrong ,
however if the patio is positively running away from the house the aco would be of more use the garden end.
Agree with the above - have your patio fall away from the house with the drain nearest the lawn. I wouldn't be too concerned about the fall towards the camera (unless its already there). Once in the drain the water will find the outlet even if its flat.
Are you raising the level of the patio to or near the damp course of the house? If so you should leave a gap and build a dwarf wall 6" away from the house.
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As above, Acco drains can and usually would be set level hence at a wall or garage door.
They have a direction arrow on them for water direction., So simply run to your gully ,soak away

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