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New Stud Wall in Bathroom + New Window

Discussion in 'Building Regulations and Planning Permission' started by DevlinT, 14 Jul 2021.

  1. DevlinT


    1 Dec 2020
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    United Kingdom
    Hi all

    Probably going to post a few times here as we're currently thinking of how we want our new house to be renovated. We've hit the bathroom...

    The new bathroom is a decent size, about 4m in length and 3.75 in width. So a lot of space to fill. What we don't really want is just empty space, for us it's not practical. In addition we like the idea of having the bath/shower in a separate room to the basin. Makes life easier for those who want to use the basin whilst someone is in the shower etc.

    So we've drawn up the attached as a possible idea. However, we appreciate dreams and reality are never close so wanted thoughts on the feasibility of this, from a regulatory perspective and practicality too.

    To summarise we wish to do the following:

    - Create two rooms, separated by a stud wall and new door.
    - The near side room is where we keep the basin and washing machine
    - We install a new window + extraction in the near side room
    - The far side room is where the bath/shower is
    - The far side room will be a wet room

    I understand that many will be offended by the thought of having a washing machine upstairs. There is the risk that if it leaks, then you could have a big problem in the room below. This is understood. I also understand that regulations exist that say electrics should be a certain distance from the bathroom/water. But if we're creating a new room, does this mean we're free of that constraint?

    Finally, the new window. This is a Victorian house, built circa 1900. Not listed or in a conservation area.

    Sorry for such a long post. Appreciate any advice/help here.

    Thank you.

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