NEW Triton Electric shower cold unless on MAX

23 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom

Looking for advice as to whether I need to call out my plumber or go straight to Triton.

We had a new shower fitted last week (yes - by a plumber and not me!) - it is a Triton Aspirante (9.5kW).

We have tried to use it for the first time today and we're very disappointed by the experience.

The water runs ice (mains) cold unless we have the shower set to:

- High heat setting selected
- temperature control knob set to hot (clockwise most position)

Is the shower faulty (call Triton) or is it an installation (call back plumber)
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As said above Triton are not very helpful if they can charge they will.
How long does it take before the water gets hot

Water from the mains this time of year will run cold, mains pipes run underground

Once the water gets hot can the temperature be adjusted
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Yes - noticed their small print discussed charging.

I previously read the fault finding. Can only see it is 3.4 (electrical malfunction) or 3.5 (safety cut-out operated).

Again, reading the manual suggests the safety cut-out is triggered by an abnormal operation. Is there a way of testing/resetting this - my dad is a retired electrician!

My plumber defo mentioned flushing the unit before leaving. I figure this is the commissioning procedure(?). Water flow seems constant/uninterrupted.

Am I alone thinking it odd that we get some hot water (albeit at the max settings only). Could should the PCB cable connection be checked?

Sorry for all the questions - just don't want another bill (having already forked out for a bathroom refurb).
Tried ringing my plumber but no reply.

Notice commissioning procedure says its for flushing AND 'to make sure the heater unit contains water'. Could this be the cause of the problem? Can the procedure be repeated or will major meltdown have already occurred??
Boss white - plan to try shower again tonight/tomoro. Will check out time to warm up, etc and let you know.
I bet he fitted the temperature control knob to far round.

Turn the temp control to the cold setting, does it stop at 1 or go pasted it?

You may have solved this one! The knob is marked hot and cold (no '1').

When I position the knob in the central position (so text can be read) the knob turns -45 degs to cold and 135 degs to hot - basically the movement is not even. When I turn it to the max hot position, the text is not upside down as (I now find is) shown in the manual.

Looks like the front cover is coming off tomorrow!!

tried shower again tonight (pre-HERTSDRAINAGE2010 reply). Left it running for a while and does not warm - only when moved to max hot position.

When, I left it off for a while then tried it again (preset to max hot) the warm water is soon there. Note, there seems to be a slight delay whenever temp is increased and/or decreased (and when unit switches off).

Thinks I will try the knob theory - thanks both
Right, turn the control knob all the way round to the left until it stops.

Remove the screws top and bottom of the front cover and pull cover off.

Turn control knob to number 1 then replace cover on the shower unit and refit the screws.

Tell wife to get in the shower to test.

Glad you sorted it out,
as Herts said its very easy to position the dial in the wrong position, the installation details can be a bit ambiguous if the Plumber hasnt fitted one for some time.
It may be easy to put the control knob in the wrong position but that means that he didn't commission it properly. It sounds as if the shower will work ok now but you could just go through the procedure again to make sure. It's not difficult and only takes a few minutes.
Turns out the knob was incorrectly positioned.

Knob corrected and shower properly commissioned. Now get a lot more movement of knob and it moves equal distance in both directions.

Pleased to report we seem to get our missing hot water. Will test over next few days and report back if wrong.

Thanks again

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