NI Protocol - Windsor Framework

Do any of you actually realise that we have left the EU

To borrow the words of The Eagles we have checked out but haven't left, the UK is still subject to EU sovereignty specifically under the Windsor framework. If that is acceptable in principle there can be no objection to a customs union.

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Will you be growing any genetically-modified / high-yielding varieties on your allotment?
I'd love to grow some disease resistant high cropping vegetables. As soon as I can get my hands on them, they will be going in. (y)
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(y) And who can object to that?
I know of several people who can and do object but it's no use trying to tell 'em it's been like this since the idea of planting crops spread from the Levant. If we tried to eat bread from the original plant our teeth would break.:mrgreen:
Not toms though, you're drowning in those :ROFLMAO:
Tell me about it!
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