No signal on Freeview TV

3 Feb 2009
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United Kingdom
I have a 3 year old Samsung TV with built in digital receiver, it never was that good, frequent pixilation so I bought a Freeview digital receiver from Argos which worked perfectly at my old property.

I have moved to a different property and if I plug the arial lead from the TV to the socket on the wall I get a message saying "no or weak signal".

I connected it up through the freeview digital box and get the same message.

The arial on the outside of the house is pointing in the same direction as the rest of the road.
There are 2 TV sockets in the bungalow, one on the lounge and one in the kitchen but both give the same error message.

I was hoping I could fix this without having to call someone out.
Is there something obvious I am not doing? Do the Arial connections on the wall have to be turned on somewhere?
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Arial is a computer typeface. You need an aerial.

You haven't mentioned tuning your receiver, which will be essential if you are using the signal from a different transmitter.

It's quite possible that there's a masthead amplifier that requires power. It's common for previous owners to steal the Power supply Unit. If that's the case you'll have to get your solicitor to demand its return or buy a replacement.

For any other information, see:
Thank-you for the reply.

When I bought the TV 3 years ago and plugged it in, I think it auto tuned the channels.

Anyway I have just gone to Menu, tune, auto tune, it asked to the security code which is 0,0,0,0 and have just finished auto tuning it.
No channels were found.

I went in the loft and there is an Antiference 4 way masthead amplifier up there, the green LED is not illuminated, is it supposed to be?

I received a letter yesterday from the Solicitor who did the conveyancing and in the letter it said she would be happy to contact the buyers solicitor if anything was missing but of course there will be a charge.

On the first link you provided to the single output power supply, I see I plug it into a socket, do I need to connect it to the masthead amplifier in the loft?
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Thanks for the reply,

Will there be a problem if I buy a FRINGE P1285 IEC 85MA AERIAL MASTHEAD POWER UNIT to go with my Antiference 4 way masthead amplifier, or does the PSU need to Antiference too?

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