No water from bathroom cold tap

11 Feb 2011
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United Kingdom
Earlier today I drained out the cold water tank in the loft to work on a leaking pipe,I turned the stopcock off to prevent the tank refilling and drained the tank by opening both taps in the bathrooom, after I had finished I turned the stopcock back on and waited for the tank to I have only a trickle coming from the cold tap at the bathroom basin...bath is fine and the toilet flushes and re-fills but nothing(much) from the basin tap...could it be airlocked or something?
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sound like an airlock - all that water is wasted why didn't you bung the system? have you got no gate valve on your cold distribution pipe?
That was really helpful. Casey, connect a hose from a mains fed cold tap to the offending tap and slowly turn them on and that way you can backfill and force the air lock out.
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well people annoy me ! why not just call a plumber out to do the job in first place!

Excuse me, but is this not a DIY forum where people come for advice on how to DIY a job.

When you were born, did they leave you in the pool for to long, under the water? :rolleyes:
well people annoy me ! why not just call a plumber out to do the job in first place!

If you're talking about fixing a leak...that's not beyond my (admittedly) limited DIY capabilities, unfortunately calling out a plumber these days usually means(in my experience) an over inflated bill and that's what really annoys me!!
If plumbers charged fairly, and I don't mean to offend the more honest tradesmen out there, maybe they would get more work and as has already been pointed out, this is a DIY site...the job I initially wanted to do was done and now thanks to the advice on this DIY site(thanks 45yearsagasman) I have cured the problem with my cold tap.
If we all just called out the "professionals" everytime we had a problem this site wouldn't need to exist, I'm just grateful that some trades people,obviously not "poolebybirth", are happy to share their knowledge/experience with those of us who cannot always afford or need to call upon their services.
This is indeed a diy site but if it weren't for the tradesmen FREELY contributing to pass the time, you lot would be none the wiser.
Have a look through some of the posts on here tonight and see some ridiculous questions asked or the how much should i be ripped off ones.
Some examples tonight and my first thoughts
Vaillant v's this c... serious
Connecting basin to old lead waste pipe........might be interesting.......oh dear :LOL: and some of the answers :rolleyes:
Hot water issue on worcester 28i junior.........i'm not telling you
Pump Capacitor............for a 20 year old a new one:rolleyes:
Ideal Classic 270FF run query.........get a plumber
and so on and so on. Little wonder we get bored with it.
For what it` worth I don`t get bored by the site - BUT I don`t like the spreading " I`ll get ripped off " threads which are fuelled by the media - How simple is it to Regulate the whole industry - like US and Aus . :rolleyes: I thank god I`m retired

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