not Eating pork

26 Apr 2011
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isle of Lewis
United Kingdom
A mate of mine used to be a prison officer and about 30years ago was at winson green in Birmingham the Rastas and Muslims used to have speacial food and do not eat pork but one day as the food was being dished out a pigs ear came up in the ladle needless to say there was nearly a riot but they got it quietened down. But the funny thing is I was talking to another bloke who worked in the prison service and he told me that all these religions were eating pork because it was sneaked into the food to bulk it up so non of them knew
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Do you know why?

Because if they wanted to bulk out the food, they would not choose a meat to do it.

They could do it far more cheaply with other foods, either mixed in with the dish they want to bulk out, or extraneous, like bread, pasta etcetera...
I just wanted to know what people thought I'm not going to call a bloke a liar but I did think it was a tall story but I'm too polite to say so
That's not even news.... we're not prisoners, and these day we buy beef, and it's horse meat!! .... you buy cocaine and it's carpet cleaner...

dishonesty is one of the first commandments god ordained !!
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