NPOWER boiler Insurance

6 Nov 2003
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United Kingdom

Just wanted to advise people to NEVER get Npower boiler insurance.

We have a Potterton HE max (crap boiler, 3 time its gone wrong in 3 years) which has stopped working. I have tried turning it off and on and resetting it but it seems to just cycle through the startup procedure without firing.

Anyway called Npower this morning and the earlist they can come is Sunday (Today Thursday). I explained with have a tweo week old sick baby but they don't give a toss.

So again, never go with Npower, save yourself!
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Try checking the condense pipe,( the white plastic one)if it goes outside it may be frozen,if so a few kettles of hot water may get you going again.

Save the money you would have paid for the insurance,put it away,then if you get problems,get a local boiler person in.
Hi Garfeild

Thanks for the reply. It comes on if I press the reset button, but I have to do that each time I want it on.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

Garfield already said.

Go outside and check the condenstae pipe sticking out of the wall, check to see if it is frozen, causes the boiler to lockout

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Oh I see, I thought if it was frozen it would not fire up at all.

I have checked and it does not look frozen, its sounds hollow, I've poored a kettle of water on it anyway just in case.

Any other ideas?
Does it actually fire up,then stop,or does not even try? you havent got a card gas meter and run out of credit have you?
If you can see the end of the condense pipe,near the drain or gully,is it clear?

It I put on the heating from the control unit inside the house (boiler is in Garage which is part of the house) it does not come on, or if the unit trie to do it on timer it does not come on.

The only way is for me to put it on from the control unit then go to the boiler and press reset. Its like when the heating goes off by the control panel the only way to get it back on is by the reset button.

I think when the heating goes off the pilot light also goes off, so then I have to press reset to get it back on.

The pipe is clear.

Thanks for takng the trouble to reply to me.

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