Boiler Repair - Opinion on options available

7 Aug 2009
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United Kingdom

I've got an Ideal Icos HE12 boiler which is showing no sign of life (it did temporarily have an LF display last week which went away after a reset so may or may not be related). Obvious things checked such as fuse but nothing more technical than that. I did have a look inside and couldn't see any melted patches on the PCB (bottom of it at least).

I'm aware from reading other threads of the general thoughts about the reliability of the boiler and that the PCB is likely to be the cause. What I would like an opinion on here is the options I have available for repair

I'm aware that a lot of threads for similar problems suggest using BG for a fixed price repair but they seem to have stopped doing that now in favour of a tiered model (£69 for up to 30 mins including diagnostics, £189 for up to 2 hours, £399 for over 2 hours). This would appear to give them more scope to ensure they get their money no matter what the part needed is and so make it less of a good deal for me if it does end up being the PCB and they suggest it needs over 2 hours work. I'll also probably be paying £69 even if they do no work - so would anybody in the know still recommend using BG on the tiered plan?

Options I appear to have (assuming it is the PCB) :-

(1) BG on the tiered model and hope it comes in under 2 hours
(2) BG do an actual fixed price repair of £99 if I take a £20 a month homecare plan equivalent to their £12.50 plan (so £7.50 a month towards the repair). I would consider some sort of future cover for the boiler anyway so the way I see it this would equate to the repair being a fixed £189 (£99 + 12 x £7.50)
(3) NPower do a fixed price boiler repair for £199 (as I'm not a customer)
(4) Call Ideal (I haven't done so far) for their £2xx fixed price or £299 with 12 month warranty
(5) Go for a local plumber I've only used once before

To be honest, I would never have dreamt of using one of the big companies before reading the other threads on this forum but can understand the logic with the fixed price as a local tradesman may not be able to match it if it turns out to be an expensive part

Sorry for the long post - just wondering what the recommended option would be?

Thanks in advance for any help
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If you want to keep the boiler take out a maintenance contract.
Expect frequent problems and being without heating/water.

I would skip the boiler.
Thanks. As I said, I know about the reliability of the boiler and also that a maintainance contract may be a good idea for it...I'll keep that in mind for future

However, I'm really looking for some opinions on the current repair needed and the best option available

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