British Gas fixed price repair cover for potty profile

If pilot is alight (control knob off) the fan will hunt on/off...on/off , when calling for heat.. :D
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Can you explain why that would happen?

I dont yet see why it should.
Not sure about that either. Have advised her that suspect gas valve which may well be cheaper via BG as much as I hate it to say than go for independent. Once this is done then the failing to ignite when boiler up to temp and be running for a while can be investigated as a separate issue as the major safety issue will be dealt with (assume this has nothing to do with suspect PCB).

Have also got some x800 for a flush (reckon it hasn't been looked at for many years) and TRV's and new lockshields but not until it is safe.
Can you explain why that would happen?

Yes I can. :D

I dont yet see why it should.

Well you should know , it's pretty simple really , a clue would be 'ionisation'. ;)

You could always ask in the CC Tony. ;)

If I had a pound for every board/APS that were changed due to a faulty pilot solinoid (let-by) i'd be a rich man. :LOL:
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If pilot is alight (control knob off) the fan will hunt on/off...on/off , when calling for heat.. :D

Surely if the "control knob is off" then the PCB will not be powering the fan !

The basic test for a passing solenoid valve is to isolate the boiler from the power supply.

Let me re-phrase...............

With control knob set to 'off' pilot should NOT be lit , calling for heat ie: control knob set to 'ON' and a call for heat.

If pilot solinoid is letting-by (constant pilot light) fan will hunt on/off when boiler calling for heat.
when I visited I did switch off power to boiler and pilot remained lit hence pilot let by diagnosis or am I barking up the wrong tree? Once this is fixed then we will see if any other faults are present when cycling after everything has been on for a while.

Only trying to help her from getting ripped off she already had a roofer rip her off stripping part of roof and re felt and advise that pointing required when all what was wrong was fill valve and overflow split in soffit causing wet internal wall nowhere near the location of overflow pipe.

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