Oh, the beauty and convenience of Amazon.

27 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom
Today I clipped mirrors when driving the wife’s Golf. No damage to the other car but lost the heated glass in the Golf - knocked it clean out of the housing. I retrieved it and it snapped back in place but it was well crazed. Went to my local Halfords as they had a cheap stick-on glass showing in stock. £12. Unfortunately some thieving scum bag had nicked the glass from the packaging. Oh well, went to the VW dealer and the heated mirror with backing was £57 plus VAT. Don’t keep them in stock and couldn’t get until next Wednesday. Went home, looked on Amazon, ordered a heated mirror with backing around 11.30 this morning and it arrived to me at 6:40 tonight. I’ve already fitted it. The cost? £9.90 delivered. Amazing.
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I have prime membership through work but can order stuff and pay on my personal debit card - just benefit from quicker delivery. Oh, I also benefit from a free book on my kindle each month plus the Amazon prime movies. ;):mrgreen:
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can be a nightmare to make a claim with Amazon, spent hours on the phone over 3-4 months, getting £450 back on a carved headboard described as indian hardwood, turned out to be sprayed mdf.