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Old Stone Walls info..

Discussion in 'Plastering and Rendering' started by Sparky1606, 5 Jan 2019.

  1. Sparky1606


    5 Jan 2019
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    United Kingdom
    Iv just bought my house which was built around the 1800s, The outside walls look like they have been rendered and dashed, Which have there fair share of cracks in.
    The inside walls had areas of damp showing, I have now removed the black mortar which has left me with the stone face showing.
    Reading the forums I'm lead to believe these walls need to breath.
    So my plan at the moment is...
    1. Pva the walls to contain the dust..
    2. Wooden wedges into the mortar with battens attached to them and leveled out as going along.
    3. Celotex boards in-between the battens and expanding foam to fill the gap level over the battens.
    4. Plaster board over by ether dot and dab or screw to the battens.

    Any feed back would be great full, seems like there's so many different options..

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