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26 Jun 2007
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United Kingdom
Unfortunately the nut holding the washer in place on my Dad's kitchen tap, circa 1960, has fallen down the pipe, and cannot be retrieved. Does anyone know what thread size of nut they used in those days? Metric obviously is no use as they were still using imperial sizes then.
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if you turn the water on with the tap top off, the water pressure may squirt the nut out so you can catch it in a sieve. be careful of splashing though.
I trick I have sometimes employed is similar situations is to tie a small powerful magnet onto a piece of string and stick it into the hole. It should catch the nut a treat.

Hope this helps!

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Sorry chaps, but the nut was made of brass, so non-magnetic. I think I will just have to get wet.
BA, BSF and BSW threads were all in common use for fixings, along with BSB, BSP BSC etc, etc. for other applications. UNF and UNC were occasionally encountered too.

It used to be common (but not universal) practise to use BA on threads smaller than 1/4" (6.4mm), and most industries rationalised the sizes they used to the even numbers in the BA range only.

If it appears to be about a 5mm thread, my guesses would be 2BA, 3/16 BSF or 3/16 BSW, in that order.

(I bought a ceramic magnet once, but it wouldn't work on wall tiles :cry: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: )
Use a brass magnet - get them from B&Q for under a fiver. Works like magic

Hope this helps!


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