Old weak car battery

12 Jul 2011
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United Kingdom
hi all

I have this old weak car battery taken out from my Fiat Panda sitting in the shed, as it was getting weaker. I replaced with a new bosch.

The question is should the battery now be binned for recycle tip, or could it be still used if I get a battery charger for 12v, and recharge it? It has been sitting in the shed for about 5 months now.
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Used for what? If it was no good on a Panda 5 months ago, bin it.
Yeah, take it to the tip for recycling. They don't 'like' being left heavily discharged.

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Just wondered if it will revive after recharging.

Will take it to the tip. Cheers for info.
Last time I took batteries to the scrappie they were paying over £400 per ton so you could get 4 or 5 quid for it.
That's right, I got about £5 for one a few weeks back. One before that several years ago they said it was worth 50p and "encouraged" me to put it in the charity box! I assume the change is because batteries nowadays contain silver. But I'm surprised the earlier one wasn't worth much, it was original equipment on a 2004 Ford and according to Haynes was silver/calcium type.
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