8 Mar 2009
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United Kingdom
Whilst I have the greatest admiration for athletes who train hard to reach the pinnacle of fitness, so that they can represent their country in the Olympics, I cannot for the life of me understand why we have to spend trillions on building an Olypic village just for one tournament.

In this country we have some fantastic, existing sports facilities.

Surely one does not need to build a fantastic new stadium just so people can run round a track or throw javelins etc.

So in order to save this country a fortune, and the embarassment of yet another white elephant, I propose we use...

School playing fields during the summer holidays.

I mean no offence to sports fans but surely it's not such a daft idea?
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one thing its doing is spending money making improvements to areas that wouldnt have had money spent on them otherwise
Not daft at all.
We have the new Wembley for the main/Final events and numerous venues throughout the country for the qualifying events.

When you consider that people pay thousands to go abroad to see the olympics and travel all over a foreign country travelling a few hundred miles in Britain would be nothing.
Spend the money by improving the rail/road links and after it is over you will still have a 'viable product'.

But then the man in the street knows this is common sense whilst those in authority don't have this luxury. :LOL: :LOL:
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I have to agree with the kidster.
Whilst it does put money into the local economy for a short period the result rarely lives up to the hype and it costs us far more than it produces in the long term.
My favoured option would be to have the games permantly in Greece their original birthplace. All countries could then pay a relativly small amount for the upkeep of what would become (hopefully) the pinicle of sporting excellence. We play our FA cups at Wembly year after year so is this idea so daft?
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