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Opening up fireplace. No large lintel and no arch

Discussion in 'Building' started by number49, 22 May 2021.

  1. number49


    15 Apr 2009
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    United Kingdom
    No high lintel and no arch?

    Evening All,

    I've cleared some plaster off of our dining room chimney breast and I've found an obvious opening that looks original and some infil with rubble behind. At the top of the opening I've found what looks like two c section steels back to back and lined with brick. I've chased higher because in the past I've seen large stone lintels or formed arches large enough to take the old stoves back in the day, which have since been infilled and the steel lintels added; but there's no sign of any further lintel or arch and the brickwork I can see seems to all be of the same type in the usual bond.

    Is this normal or is it more likely it's been messed with in the past? In the adjacent living room I found the same but with a substantial stone lintel which gives a bit of confidence and I was expecting similar in this room. I chased high as you can see and found the angeld stones about 40mm thick which I think form part of the flue but definitely no lintel.

    The house is 1880s with a stone faced walls and brick inners.

    There was a lot of lose plaster hence the random shapes! :whistle:

    The plan was to open up under the steel lintels and just line it with a stone slab at the bottom. There's no intention to add a stove or anything at this time it's just to make more of a feature of the chimney.
    Would this be ok without the higher more substantial lintels I've seen before?



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